Classes at Lyons Guitar & String Lesson Studio

We use the teaching principals of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, which emphasizes that all children have the ability to learn, and a child’s fullest potential can be reached if the ability to learn is nurtured properly. The key to this process is the Suzuki triangle; the child is the apex of this triangle, the parent and teacher are the supporting bases who work together to support the child.

The Suzuki Method is musically classical in nature. Your child will be introduced to music they will recognize and is also fun to play!

Prerequisites for Suzuki Method Guitar: Appropriate size classical guitar (available for rent), method book, method CD, footstool, and tuner.

We also provide traditional beginner & advanced guitar lessons for adults. For you electric guitarists, classical guitar will add a new dimension and outlook to your chops!

At Lyons Guitar & String Lesson Studio, we specialize in nurturing talent through our comprehensive violin, viola, and piano lessons.

Our studio proudly offers traditional instruction tailored to each student’s unique learning style and goals. For aspiring violinists and violists, we require students to have the appropriate size instrument, which is available for rent, along with a method book and method CD.

Whether you’re embarking on your musical journey or honing your skills, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Join us and discover the joy of making music!

Classes at Washington Co. A.R.C.

Believing that learning the guitar should be something available to anyone, Brannon has worked with the Washington Co. A.R.C. to implement a guitar lesson program for their clients!

Contact Lyons Guitar for more information!

More Class Information

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Private lessons are held once a week and are 30 minutes in length. Parent attendance is required for all children under the age 12. Parents are encouraged to bring a notebook and ask questions.

Group lessons are held twice a month and are 45 minutes in length. We believe music is something that should be shared and the group lesson is a very important part of the Suzuki Method. In the group lesson, your child will build their musical skills through games and activities, make new friends, and learn to play as an ensemble.

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